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2017: Effective Management of Research & Development Innovative Teams and Organizations


The formal disciplines of project management provide a means of planning, organising and controlling multi-disciplinary projects without stifling innovation. This intensive two-day course specifically deals with the management of R&D projects, which require some differences in approach from conventional project management. Research and development must operate strategically in the organisation, becoming a key driver of business success and no longer can a good R&D manager rely only on technical expertise. The drive for growth, the search for new ideas and new ways of doing things and increasing competitive pressures have transformed the R&D function into one of primary strategic importance. Research and development management throws up specific challenges for the professional engineer or science leader. Managing the uncertainties and non-predictables of R&D projects is integral to this course, as are advanced project management techniques specifically designed around the research environment.

Training objectives

Participants will learn:

  • The elements of a sound process for setting up and managing a project. This draws on well-established project management methodology, but also recognises the special characteristics of R&D project work.
  • Effective management of R&D projects, so that objectives and key success criteria are established and efficiently achieved.
  • How to clarify the scope of work required to meet project objectives.
  • How to ensure resources for research and development projects are properly identified, justified and costed.
  • How to ensure project responsibilities and accountabilities are defined and allocated.
  • The planning and scheduling of the activities needed to carry out a project.
  • Progress: how to track, manage and report project performance.
  • Knowing when and how to wrap up a project.
  • Stakeholder management: how to manage relationships and information flows.


All levels of managers, supervisors and team/group leaders who wish to improve their leadership, management, motivational, and communication skills for creating optimum individual and team performance in any R&D environment – commercial, public or academic. It is particularly useful to scientists, engineers, project leaders and other technical personnel who intend to make a transition to management positions in an R&D environment or who want to improve their own leadership skills. It is also beneficial for academic members, group leaders, project leads, research administrators, managers responsible for sponsoring research, and policy makers in science and technology.


This practical two-day programme is highly participative, with numerous exercises and examples. Participants will be encouraged to raise issues concerning their current projects to enable discussion of how principles can be implemented in practice.

Special features

  • For maximum benefit, this programme can be tailored to incorporate internal procedures and practices and popular methodologies (eg, PRINCE2™, APM Body of Knowledge), if appropriate.
  • Designed to bring the attendees to a stage that they can comfortably and rapidly proceed beyond the depth and the breadth covered in the course
  • Tailored for engineers, technical professionals and scientists
  • Extensive use of team and syndicate work on case studies
  • Full course notes with targeted list of references
  • To facilitate the knowledge transfer and performance improvement process, we recommend that the programme sponsor both introduce the course and be present for the final session.

Yakında Açılacak Sertifika Programları / Defense Technology Certificate Programs

  • Airborne & Space
  • Antennas
  • Cyber Security
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Infrared & Electro-Optical
  • Problem Solving
  • Radar
  • Sensor & Data Fusion
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Systems Engineering
  • Test & Evaluation